Colonia Domitiana Lindensium was one of the four Roman colonia in Britain. The Rivers Dubglas and Trisantona give Lindum access to the Northern Ocean. It was the capital of Flavia Caesariensis.

Lindum sat in the middle of Corieltauvi territory. The Corieltauvi had a reputation for their short stature, dark hair, and seemingly supernatural skills as trackers and hunters.

A colonia would naturally overshadow a civitas capital under normal conditions, but a fire in the fourth century that burned the forum, basilica and market hall, along with a sizable portion of the town’s center, left Ratae Corieltauvorum in a particularly weak state. The Romans hired Saxon laeti to defend the territory, but there were also Celtic militia. After the Revolution, it was a leader of one of these local Celtic militias, Catigernos, who became the first king of Lindum.

Current Issue: Multicultural Society

Under the empire, Lindum attracted people from across the empire: people from Germania to Africa and Egypt to Hispania. That civilian population was knitted together only by romanitas: Roman law, the Latin language, and in the last century of the empire’s rule, Christianity. Lindum, however, lay in the northern militarized zone of Britannia, and the arrangement of the late imperial military created a military society quite distinct from the civilian society. That society was dominated by Germanic foederati and local Celtic militia. These two groups, employed by the Romans for generations as soldiers, see themselves as having more in common with each other than the multicultural civilian population. King Catuboduos allows his Germanic comrades to follow their own ealdormen (so long as they remain loyal to him, of course), and treats them as brothers in a warrior aristocracy. As a kingdom, Catigernos and his descendants developed a distinctly British identity, uniting the various elements of the kingdom by their relationship to Corieltauvi warriors.

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