Linnuis (Kingdom)

Issue: Senatus Populusque Lindensius

Faced with opponents on all sides, the knights of Camulod convinced Catuboduos to heed the advice of Gnaeus Aurelius Africanus and establish Linnuis as a republic, based on the old Roman republic. The people of the kingdom elect senators, and the senate is led by two consuls — one Corieltauvi (currently Catuboduos), and one Anglian (currently Theoderic, son of Wilhelm). Of course, this is a risky experiment. Even Rome has not had a republic in centuries. Can this really work?

Allegiance: Friendly to Camulod

Camulod gained many supporters in Linnuis when its knights helped form a senate to rule their kingdom, thus proving their commitment to their ideals even over support for an old friend and ally like Catuboduos. The fervor of that sentiment has cooled as the senate has settled into the mundane bureaucracy of actually governing the kingdom, but most citizens of Linnuis still hold Camulod in good regard.


  • Potestas: Catuboduos, Theoderic
  • Predico: Rachel
  • Populus: Wilhelm, Gnaeus Aurelius Africanus

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Linnuis (Kingdom)

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