Londinium (Kingdom)

Issue: The Last Outpost

Once the capital of the whole diocese of Britannia, Londinium was the seat of power for Ambrosius Aurelianus, the Rex Romanorum of Britain. This is one of the most Romanized areas of the island, and as Arthur Pendragon’s seat of power, many there have begun to see themselves as the last outpost of the Roman Empire in the west — and the High King as the Restitutor Orbis who will finally restore the empire.

Allegiance: Loyal to Camulod

Arthur is descended from the ancient tribal rulers of the Trinovantes, who became the magistrates of the civitas under Roman rule. They regained power in the Revolution, ruling from Camulodunum until they were absorbed by the neighboring Catuvellauni under Ambrosius Aurelianus Brittanicus. At first, Arthur’s victory over Brittanicus led many of the kingdom’s Catuvellauni majority to see him as a conqueror, but his work to address the concerns of the people have changed their attitudes. Londinium is the seat of Arthur’s power now, though he still prefers to hold court in Camulod (the hillfort his father refortified in Durotrigian territory, named for the Trinovantian city) whenever possible.


Potestas: Servius Menius Libo, Lucius Vesnius Serranus
Predico: Lucius Statius Catonius
Populus: Gallio Rusonius Scipio, Arruns Lusius Liberalis

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Londinium (Kingdom)

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