Novant (Kingdom)

Issue: Pagan Queen of a Christian Land

Since Saint Ninian built the Candida Casa, Novant has been the heart of Christianity in the north. Despite this, its leaders remain staunchly pagan. This is particularly true of the current queen, Corotica, who by Christian tradition would have no right to rule. While her marriage to Bedwyr has reduced tensions, Abbot Galam remains committed to removing her and placing a true Christian on the throne. He and his supporters preach that as a pagan, Corotica is a servant of demons. With her ruling over the land, all the good Christians of the realm are in mortal peril.

Allegiance: Friendly Towards Camulod

Arthur Pendragon’s knights have convinced Abbot Galam to concentrate on converting Corotica, rather than driving her out, while also planting a seed that has made Galam begin to doubt his Nicene faith. Illica, a Pelagian theologian originally from Londinium, has come north at Bedwyr’s request to work with Galam. This has greatly reduced the tensions in the kingdom, while throwing the Abbot into a crisis of faith.


  • Potestas: Corotica, Galam
  • Predico: Maslorios
  • Populus: Verctissa, Bericos

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Novant (Kingdom)

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