Pagensia (Kingdom)

Issue: Legacy of Vortigernos

During the reign of Vortigernos, Pagensia stood at the heart of Britain. Now, however, most of the Britain spokes the name of their once-glorious king with a tone of ignominy. Only in Pagensia is he still revered as a great and powerful leader, yet the Cornovii of Pagensia can recognize that they have lost much influence and prestige since those days. The old rivalry between Vortigernos and Ambrosius Aurelius has become a rivalry between Pagensia and Londinium for the heart of Britannia, with their smaller neighbors forced to take sides. Driven by memories of the honor and power they once possessed, Pagensia yearns to regain its former status.

Allegiance: Ambivalent to Camulod

Arthur Pendragon began his career as the magister militum of Ambrosius Aurelianus, and to most Cornovii, that is enough to dismiss him as the latest face of Roman tyranny.


Potestas: Rithid the Freckled
Predico: Virico, Senna
Populus: Aulus Gellius Musa, Coria


Virico: Retrieve the Relics of St. Alban

Virico is the Pelagian bishop of Viroconium. The “teachings of the martyrs” mean a great deal to Pelagians, and St. Alban in particularly. That was why Bishop Germanus exchanged relics with Verulamium, taking the relics of St. Alban to Autissiodorum in Gaul. Virico wishes to retrieve these relics, and bring them to Viroconium, where they will be safe from the Nicene Church. If the knights can do this, it will prove to him that Camulod is willing to stand up for the Pelagians.

Musa: Establish a Foothold in Ireland

Aulus Gellius Musa is the head of Viroconium’s most powerful collegia. They have little to do with criminal activities, but they control Pagensia’s salt trade. His mines rely on criminals and slaves. Musa fears that Camulod’s dream of peace and prosperity will mean fewer condemned prisoners for his mines, so he wants the knights to help him procure an alternative source of labor by helping his men establish a foothold in Ireland, a fortified trading post that they can use as a base of operations for kidnapping Irish people as slaves.

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Pagensia (Kingdom)

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