Venedotia (Kingdom)

Issue: The Barbarian Frontier

Roman culture never gained a firm foothold in Britannia Secunda as it did in Britannia Prima, Flavia Caesariensis, or even Maxima Caesariensis, but even here, the rugged lands of the north have always seemed fraught with danger. Stories associate these shores with the underworld, guarded by fairies, giants, and ghostly beasts. The Ordovices resisted the Roman empire for a long time, and even by the time of the Revolution, they remained the only tribe without a civitas capital. The Irish Deísi settled throughout this land for centuries. Vortigernos invited Cunedda, a prince of Guotodin, to come as a foederati, on the terms that he could keep whatever territory he seized from the Deísi. Now Cunedda’s grandson, Catuvellaunus Long-Arm, rules Venedotia, with his many siblings holding power across the land as his sub-kings. They hope to end the war that Cunedda began by finally driving the Irish out of Venedotia forever.

Allegiance: Loyal to Camulod

When Owain Whitetooth lost Deva to a combined Irish-Saxon force, he begged for aid from the recently crowned High King, Arthur Pendragon. Arthur and his army came to Owain’s aid and helped him retake the city. Owain’s recommendation carried much weight with his brother Catuvellaunus, who backed Arthur’s claim to the High Kingship at Viroconium before the other nationalist leaders. Most recently, knights from Camulod convinced the Irish warlord Nuallán to swear fealty to him as a sub-king, completing Cunedda’s conquest and establishing his reign as king of all Venedotia.


Potestas: Catuvellaunus Long-Arm, Nuallán
Predico: Owain Whitetooth
Populus: Docomaglos, Cunoarada

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Venedotia (Kingdom)

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